So What About Warhammer and Writing Then?

I know, I know it says Warhammer, Writing and Whatever Else Is On My Mind in the tagline above, and you come here and there’s damn little about Warhammer or writing for that matter and a lot about operating systems and software and work habits instead.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about Warhammer or writing. It’s just at the moment I am deep in writing a Warhammer book and that pretty much guarantees it won’t be something I want to talk about.

At this stage of writing a book, the last thing I want to do is be forced to comment intelligently on what I am doing. It means that I have to think about it, that analysis becomes part of the process of writing and it won’t even be the sort of analysis that is useful for writing a book, but analysis of the process of writing itself.

Imagine that you are going to appear in a play or give a piano recital and imagine that afterwards you are going to have to discuss your mood, your technique, what exactly you did at any given moment. Trying to remember all that or even write it down is going to make it very difficult for you to concentrate on remembering your lines or playing the notes.

Writing a first draft almost always involves staying in the moment, getting the images and words in my head down and recording what those damn characters are saying to each other. I don’t watch my spelling or grammar or even consistency of description very much. I will fix those (hopefully) when I come to edit. The writing of the first draft is almost always a process of wrestling a great writhing mass of stuff onto paper (at least it will be, if I am lucky!).

So what you will eventually get about writing then is this, my vague recollections of the process jotted down some time after it actually happened. And, of course, for that to occur, I will need to go now and write some more.

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