Monday Again– Let the Writing Begin

So here we are at the start of the work week. I have been doing my usual Monday morning thing — making lists of what needs to be done this week. I started this on a sheet of paper last night– I don’t touch a computer at all on Sundays unless it’s an absolute emergency. (This is not because I belong to a Sabbatarian Sect — its simply to give my RSI a rest.) I put aside time every Sunday to think about this, just as I spend the last day of  each month plotting what I will do in the following month. And, yes, I spend the last days of each year plotting what I will do in the coming year. I also have a 5 year plan. I like to think I am organised!

This morning I begin transferring stuff from paper to my Google and Android Phone To Do lists. I also check to see if any deadlines have snuck up on me, as they have the bad habit of doing.

I find that writing everything down and having alarms on my phone is a big help. I am one of those people for whom nothing is real until it’s written down.

So what’s on the agenda this week? First and most important — I intend to write 10K on the first draft of The Angel of Fire. This will be done in my usual fashion. I will read and correct the last chapter I wrote last week. This will bring me up to speed and get me back into the spirit of things after the weekend break. Then I will actually write two thousand words and then revise them. Tomorrow, I will start the day by re-reading what I did today and then write and revise another 2000 words. Rinse and repeat until next weekend.

Around all this will be the usual mish-mash of writing blog posts, replying to emails and doing chores. Today I am actually varying my routine by writing this blog post first. Now, excuse me, it’s back to the 41st Millennium for me!

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