Trudvang Chronicles First Look

Just over a year ago I pledged 600 Swedish Kroner (about $70) to fund the Kickstarter for Trudvang Chronicles. I did it for the art. Riot Minds used a lot of glorious Paul Bonner artwork in their advertising and I have been a fan of Paul’s since before I worked alongside him at Games Workshop back in the early 90s. (As you can see from the pictures below– the other artists are great too!) With Kickstarters for RPGs I usually just pledge for the PDFs. It saves a lot of hassle with postage and customs, plus I don’t need more books cluttering up the flat. But, like I said, I wanted these books for the art so I went for the hardbacks and, boy, am I glad I did.


I trotted along to the Karlovo Namesti post office this morning and picked up the almost 5 kilo (10 pound) package. Back when I was at GW we used to talk about heft. By this, we meant that feeling of weight when you picked up the box that let you know you got value for money. Lugging the package today, I swiftly learned Trudvang Chronicles had heft.

When I opened it my first response was wow! OK – it was a lot more profane than that but let’s keep this family friendly. In the box were five slipcased hardback books, a softback adventure, maps, character sheets, a GM’s screen and something else I can’t remember. SCORE!

The books are beautiful. Full colour, cloth bookmarks, nice paper. If I am talking a lot about the physical quality of the package, it’s because I was impressed. This was a Kickstarter where I felt like I got a real bargain. I live in a place where I can pay almost as much as my pledge for a single RPG hardback.

What’s the game like? Dunno. I just skimmed through it drooling over the art. Its a Scandinavian themed medieval fantasy RPG written by actual Scandinavians so it looks different from most of the Viking themed games I’ve seen. I’ll stick up a full review as and when.

Right now, I really just wanted to note how impressed I was with this whole Kickstarter and say to the people at Riot Minds, well done chaps. Very well done indeed!

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  1. William Duckett says:

    I really liked the art and setting when Trudvang first came out in 2000 (though it wasn’t quite as luxurious back then), but the system made it a bit difficult for me to get my group into it. You started out with maybe a 20-25% chance of success in your primary skills (maybe 35-40% in your main weapon skill if you neglected the rest of your skill set), and there were only five levels, so you were stuck like that for a while.

    • I’ve had a quick scan through the books now, William and I can see what you mean. The rules are a bit too crunchy for my current tastes– as I get older I get ever more Old Skool. Still, it’s an astonishing looking game, and I am sure I will get some mileage out of it, even if its just campaign inspiration.

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