Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle of Holding

Demon Lord

Robert J Schwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord is one of my favourite pen and paper roleplaying games. It’s a grimdark fantasy RPG set in a world under siege by sinister sorcerous forces. Think Old School Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay meets New School streamlined game design. I backed the Kickstarter. I even contributed some fiction to it. Bundle of Holding is offering a great introduction over on its site.

For $13.95 you can pick a four title Starter Collection (retail value $44), including the complete 278-page Shadow of the Demon Lord corebook, the Demon Lord’s Companion, the Uncertain Faith divine magic sourcebook, and an introductory adventure Dark Deeds in Last Hope.

If you pay more than the threshold price (currently $25.78), you’ll get six more PDFs worth an additional $64: Hunger in the Void, Tombs of the Desolation, A Glorious Death, Terrible BeautyExquisite Agony and Tales of the Demon Lord.

It’s a great game and if you dont believe me, read this for ten good reasons for giving it a try.

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